Deprecated Versions

If you wish to upgrade your OpenReplay instance to the latest version, then ensure you're running a version that's superior or equal to v1.4.0. If not, then you're on a depricated version and you should first upgrade to v1.4.0 before you can take it to any recent version (v1.8.0+).

Upgrade Backend (from v1.3.6 or prior) to v1.4.0

First of all, ensure you're on v1.3.6 or prior. If that's already the case, then ignore the below commands and move to step 1). If not, update your OpenReplay installation to v1.3.6:

# Copy/backup the current openreplay folder to _version-number
mv openreplay openreplay_v1.3.5
git clone -b v1.3.6
cd openreplay/scripts/helm
# bash <old openreplay path>
bash ~/openreplay_v1.3.5

Once you're on v1.3.6 then proceed with the below steps:

  1. Copy/backup the current openreplay folder to _version-number like below:

    mv openreplay openreplay_v1.3.6
  2. Clone the new OpenReplay version. In this example we're upgrading to v1.4.0:

    git clone -b v1.4.0
  3. Run the below script to automatically upgrade your vars.yaml to the new format:

    cd openreplay/scripts/helmcharts
    ansible localhost -m template -a "src=vars_template.yaml dest=vars.yaml" -e @~/openreplay_v1.3.6/scripts/helm/vars.yaml
  4. Upgrade OpenReplay:

    cd openreplay/scripts/helmcharts
    helm ls -n app | tail -n +2 | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -I{} helm uninstall {} -n app
    helm uninstall nginx-ingress -n nginx-ingress
    helm upgrade --install openreplay ./openreplay -n app -f vars.yaml --atomic --set forceMigration=true
  5. If you're not using a load balancer and have generated your SSL certificate via the script:

    cd openreplay/scripts/helmcharts && bash
  6. Update fromVersion variable in /openreplay/scripts/helmcharts/vars.yaml to reflect the new version. As an example if you're moving from v1.3.6 to v1.4.0 then update the fromVersion like below:

    fromVersion: "v1.4.0"

Note: Manual overrides made to any service configuration file (i.e. openreplay/scripts/helm/app/<app>.yaml) will be reset. So if you have any custom overrides, like using an

for your recordings, or increased service capacity (cpu/memory), make sure to apply them to the new version (in /openreplay/scripts/helmcharts/vars.yaml) prior to running the upgrade script (step 4).


If you encounter any issue during the above process, reach out on

and get help from our community.