Upgrade Deployment

Upgrade Deployment

Upgrading your OpenReplay deployment to the latest version requires updating both your backend (instance) and tracker.

Upgrade Backend

  1. Copy/backup the current openreplay folder to _version-number:

    mv openreplay openreplay_v1.3.0
  2. Clone the new OpenReplay version. In this example we're upgrading to the latest available version:

    git clone https://github.com/openreplay/openreplay
  3. Upgrade OpenReplay:

    cd openreplay/scripts/helm
    # bash upgrade.sh <old openreplay path>
    bash upgrade.sh ~/openreplay_v1.3.0

Note: Manual overrides made to any app's configuration file (i.e. openreplay/scripts/helm/app/<app>.yaml) will be reset. So if you have any custom overrides, like using an external object storage service for your recordings, make sure to apply them to the new version prior to running the upgrade script.

Upgrade Tracker

Ensure your tracker is compatible with the new backend version by checking the below compatibility table:

Backend VersionTracker Version
v1. (or higher)
v1. (or higher)
v1. (or higher)
v1. (or higher)