Custom Events

Custom events are great for adding more intelligence by recording domain-specific events alongside session replays. OpenReplay makes use of 2 types of events: functional (event) and technical (issue). All events are indexed for easy search, and sync'ed with session recordings.

Functional Events

Use the event method to signal functional events such as order completed or product added. It takes 2 parameters: name (string) and payload (non-recursive JS object).

tracker.event('product_added', 'shoes');

Functional events are indexed and makes looking for specific session recordings easier. If they were successfully received by OpenReplay, they will be available as filters in the omni-search bar.

Functional Event

Technical Events

issue is used to send technical events, like errors, that may occur in your stack or other downstream systems. issue takes 2 parameters: name (string) and payload (non-recursive JS object).

tracker.issue('payment_error', {code: 500, context: 42});

Technical events are shown in session replay under the Events tab in DevTools, and as annotations on the playback. They're also taken into account in Funnels for correlating conversion drops with technical issues.

Technical Event