Additional information about users can be provided with metadata (also known as traits or user variables). They take the form of key/value pairs, and are useful for filtering and searching for specific session replays.

1. Explicitly specify the Metadata

Metadata must be explicitly specified from the dashboard from 'Preferences > Metadata'. You can add up to 10 keys. In the below example, we use plan.

Add Metadata

2. Inject Metadata when recording sessions

Once the key(s) added, in this example plan, you can then use the metadata method in your code to inject custom user data in the form of a key/value pair (string).

tracker.setMetadata('plan', 'free');

3. Search for Sessions Recordings using Metadata

Clicking on the omni-search bar will show you the list of available filters, including the metadata key(s) you added. You can now filter sessions recordings by any key/value.

Search using Metadata

4. See Metadata in Session Replay

Metadata key/value pairs are displayed in the session replay page, in the user identification card. Sessions with similar metadata values can be found by clicking on the loop icon.

Metadata in Session Replay