Learn about the different plugins to capture your application’s store, monitor queries, track performance issues and even assist your end user through live sessions.

  • Assist: On-board and support your end users through live screen and video/voice (WebRTC).
  • Redux: For capturing Redux actions and state.
  • VueX: For capturing VueX actions and state.
  • Pinia: For capturing Pinia stores.
  • MobX: For capturing MobX stores.
  • NgRx: For capturing NgRx actions.
  • Zustand: For capturing Zustand actions and state.
  • Fetch: For tracking fetch requests and responses.
  • Axios: For tracking axios (XHR) requests and responses.
  • GraphQL: For debugging GraphQL queries (Apollo and Relay)
  • Profiler: For tracking the performance of JS functions.