Infrastructure FAQ

  1. My installation suddenly not working anymore.

    There might be multiple reasons for that. For example, disk is full or network issue. Following steps can help to debug.

    • Check for the disk usage in the machine, If the disk usage is more than 80%, the application won’t run.

      df -h

  2. Installation/Upgrade failed without any particular error.

    1. helm another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress: Means you retried failed installation/upgrade multiple times. To resolve this issue

      helm rollback -n app openreplay

    2. No error log, just installation failed.

      # check for failed pods
      kubectl get pods -n app \
        --field-selector="status.phase!=Succeeded,status.phase!=Running" \
        -o custom-columns=""
      # Check for the err logs
      stern -n app `pod name from above`