Upgrade Deployment

Upgrading your OpenReplay deployment to the latest version requires updating both your backend (instance) and tracker.

  1. Copy/backup the current openreplay folder to _version-number like below:
mv openreplay openreplay_v1.8.1
  1. Clone the new OpenReplay version. In this example we’re upgrading to the latest available version:
git clone https://github.com/openreplay/openreplay
  1. Upgrade OpenReplay:
cd openreplay/scripts/helmcharts

# Merge previous vars.yaml with current var.yaml (using yq for yaml parsing)
cp ~/openreplay_v1.8.1/scripts/helmcharts/vars.yaml old_vars.yaml
wget https://github.com/mikefarah/yq/releases/download/v4.30.4/yq_linux_amd64 -O yq
chmod +x ./yq
./yq '(load("old_vars.yaml") | .. | select(tag != "!!map" and tag != "!!seq")) as $i ireduce(.; setpath($i | path; $i))' vars.yaml > new_vars.yaml
mv new_vars.yaml vars.yaml

# Upgrade dependencies

# Cleanup deprecated resource
kubectl delete ing -n db minio-frontend

# Setting proper permissions
/bin/bash -c '[[ -d /openreplay ]] && sudo chown -R 1001:1001 /openreplay'

# Upgrade OpenReplay
helm upgrade --install openreplay ./openreplay -n app --wait -f ./vars.yaml --atomic
  1. If you’re not using a load balancer and have generated your SSL certificate via the certmanager.sh script:
cd openreplay/scripts/helmcharts && bash certmanager.sh
  1. Update fromVersion variable in /openreplay/scripts/helmcharts/vars.yaml to reflect the new version. As an example if you’re moving from v1.8.1 to v1.9.0 then update the fromVersion like below:
fromVersion: "v1.9.0"

Ensure your tracker (and tracker-assist plugin if you do use the Assist plugin) is compatible with the new backend version by checking the below compatibility table:

Backend VersionMinimum Tracker VersionMinimum Assist Version (NPM)

If you encounter any issue during the upgrade process, reach out on Slack and get help from our community.