Upgrade Deployment

Upgrading your OpenReplay deployment to the latest version requires updating both your backend (instance) and tracker.

  1. Download the latest CLI
# Download the latest CLI
sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openreplay/openreplay/main/scripts/helmcharts/openreplay-cli -O /bin/openreplay 
sudo chmod +x /bin/openreplay
export PATH=/var/lib/openreplay:$PATH
  1. Check your Kubernetes cluster version, and upgrade it if it’s older than 1.25 (Mandatory):
# Check Kubernetes version
kubectl version --short 2>/dev/null | grep -i server | awk '{print $NF}'
# Update Kubernetes
curl -sL https://get.k3s.io | sudo K3S_KUBECONFIG_MODE="644" INSTALL_K3S_VERSION='v1.25.6+k3s1' INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="--disable=traefik" sh -
# Restart Kubernetes cluster
sudo systemctl restart k3s.service

# Update Kubernetes deprecated apis
helm plugin install https://github.com/helm/helm-mapkubeapis
helm mapkubeapis -n app openreplay
  1. Upgrade OpenReplay:
RELEASE_UPGRADE=1 openreplay --upgrade

Note: Your updated OpenReplay config file will be stored in /var/lib/openreplay/var.yaml.

Ensure your tracker (and tracker-assist plugin if you do use the Assist plugin) is compatible with the new backend version by checking the below compatibility table:

Backend VersionMinimum Tracker VersionMinimum Assist Version (NPM)

If you encounter any issue during the upgrade process, reach out on Slack and get help from our community.