JavaScript SDK ⁠-⁠ issue method

This method can be used to report a “technical event”, otherwise known as an “issue”. These issues can be used to report extra information regarding a problem that the tracker can’t pick up by default. A good example of this would be the user trying to pay for a purchase on our e-commerce site and receving an error from the payment gateway. While the tracker could record the payload with the error, it would not identify it as a problem. This method lets you flag this behavior as an issue for further filtering of sessions.

issue(key: string, payload?: any): void
  • key: string: The name of the key where the data of the event will be saved. You can use this value in the filter fields inside the OpenReplay platform.
  • payload: any: The data related to the tracked event. You can save any serializable object here.

This method does not return any value, you’ll be able to see the information tracked inside the OpenReplay platform.