Capture WebSockets

OpenReplay can record chosen WebSocket channels and display them in the session replay. This is useful when troubleshooting certain situations by providing additional context.

To enable WebSockets recording, you will need to create a hook that will listen to messages:

const wsHook = tracker.trackWs('my_ws_channel')

myWsChannel.on('important_message', (data) => {
  wsHook('important_message', data, 'down')
  /** your code */
myWsChannel.onAnyOutgoing((event, data) => {
  wsHook(event, data, 'up')

Example built with socket-io docs

Note: This is just a basic example, make sure to read how to listen to message events and plan what you actually need to capture accordingly. Big/heavy traffic will lead to bigger replay sizes.

You can sanitize data before it is sent via hook.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to us on our Slack or check out our Forum.