This plugin allows you to capture MobX mutations and inspect them later on while replaying session recordings. This is useful for understanding and fixing issues.

npm i @openreplay/tracker-mobx

Initialize the @openreplay/tracker package as usual and load the plugin into it. Then use returned value to track MobX obervables.

import { observable } from 'mobx';
import Tracker from '@openreplay/tracker';
import trackerMobX from '@openreplay/tracker-mobx';

const tracker = new Tracker({
  projectKey: YOUR_PROJECT_KEY,

const observe = tracker.plugin(trackerMobX());

const myArray = observable(['foo', 'bar', 42]);

myArray.push("Hello world"); // This mutation will be tracked

Having trouble setting up this plugin? Please connect to our Slack and get help from our community.