Microsoft Teams

Integrate Microsoft Teams with OpenReplay and share insights with the rest of the team, directly from the recording’s page.

1. Create a personal access token

Section titled 1. Create a personal access token
  1. Login to your Microsoft Teams workspace then go to Teams tab > your specific channel
  2. Press the … next to your channel name then select Connectors
  3. In the list of connectors, look for ‘Incoming Webhook’ and select configure
  4. Go to ‘Incoming Webhooks’ page for your newly created app then ‘Activate Incoming Webhooks’
  5. Set the name to OpenReplay (you can use this icon)
  6. Press ‘Create’ then copy the Webhook URL

2. Enable Microsoft Teams in OpenReplay

Section titled 2. Enable Microsoft Teams in OpenReplay
  1. Go to OpenReplay dashboard then ‘Preferences > Integration’
  2. Select MS Teams and paste the previously copied Webhook URL before clicking ‘Add’
  3. If all went fine, you should receive a welcome message on Microsoft Teams

You can now also use the share button in any recording and communicate your insights to the rest of the team.

If you encounter any issues, connect to our Slack or check out our Forum and get help from our community.