Zendesk Integration

How to integrate Zendesk with OpenReplay.

The easiest way to integrate Zendesk with Openreplay is to use the Text app to add a link to user’s sessions to your ticket pages.

  1. Install the free Text app from the Zendesk marketplace.
  2. Specify a preferred title (i.e “OpenReplay Recordings”).
  3. For the text display, you can follow this format while making sure to change OPENREPLAY_DOMAIN and PROJECT_ID with the valid Domain and Project ID (if you’re not sure about what values to pick, check the URL of any of your existing recordings, the first part of it is the domain and the second number if the Porject ID):
  1. To view the link, navigate to a ticket and open the Apps panel by clicking on the Apps button in the upper right side. See the Text app documentation for more details.

You can test your link format by going to your OpenReplay instance and changing the search criteria, starting with the UserID filter, then adding any important events. For example, the below query searches for all sessions that had a bad request and are associated with the ticket’s user email:


If you encounter any issues, connect to our Slack or check out our Forum and get help from our community.