Android SDK ⁠-⁠ event method

This method allows you to report a “functional event”. Through functional events you can signal moments within the user’s session that are relevant from a functional standpoint and that by default, our tracker can’t pick up and flag on its own. An example of a functional event would be the user adding an item into the shopping cart. While our tracker will be able to record the action, it would not know to flag it as a relevant event within the timeline of your session. However, thanks to this method, you can do it manually.

See custom events for more details.

ORTracker.shared.event(name: String, payload: Encodable?)
  • key: string: The name of the key where the information will be saved. This key can be used for filtering and searching purposes inside the OpenReplay platform.
  • payload: Encodable: The content of the event. This can be any encodable (JSON) data.