React Native SDK ⁠-⁠ Modules

React Native SDK exports several components and methods for you to customize your recording:

interface IORTrackerConnector {
  startSession: (
    projectKey: string,
    optionsDict: Options,
    projectUrl?: string
  ) => void;
  setMetadata: (key: string, value: string) => void;
  event: (name: string, payload?: string) => void;
  setUserID: (userID: string) => void;
  userAnonymousID: (userID: string) => void;
  • startSession(): starts the recording.
  • setMetadata(): Set a metadata field and save it as part of the recording.
  • event(): Send custom events to be recorded as part of your replays with this method.
  • setUserID(): Identify your users with this method.
  • patchNetwork(): Patch fetch or/and XMLHttpRequest to record network requests.